climb with me to support the be good foundation

May 28-31, 2021

May 28-31, 2021

Let's Ride Or Run Together Over Memorial Day Weekend For A Great Cause.


29,032 feet

(8,848 meters)


21,774 feet

(6,636 meters)


14,516 feet

(4,424 meters)


7,258 feet

(2,212 meters)

4 routes ~ 4 ways ~ 1 Great Cause

Outdoor Bike, Indoor Bike, Outdoor Run, Indoor run

Help me protect the outdoor spaces

and natural places we cherish.

The 2021 Giddy Up Challenge fundraising will support organizations that preserve, protect and honor natural places and advocate for accessible outdoor experiences for everyone. 



Last year you helped me raise more than $130,000 towards COVID-19 relief efforts in the first ever Giddy Up Challenge. This year we’re aiming to raise twice that amount to support efforts that protect and preserve our cherished outdoor playgrounds and their natural beauty for future generations to come.


We’ll do that by running and riding uphill wherever we might be around the world, challenging ourselves while working together as a community to do something much bigger. The money we raise will support the work of the Be Good™ Foundation, using exercise and adventure as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution.  


Y’all ready? Giddy Up!

Be Prepared For Your Challenge!

I will be hosting three informative, nerdy, and fun Science & Stoke seminars with my coach Tim Cusick (also the founder of BaseCamp, and the brains behind our Training Plans) to help you get inspired and get ready for your challenge. These seminars are included with your Giddy Up Challenge registration. 

Science & Stoke!.png

My coach, Tim Cusick, has created training plans to prepare you (and me!) for this challenge. Plans are set up to target your specific elevation goal (Full Everest, Three-Quarter, Half and Quarter) and will fit around the number of days you can train. 

Science & Stoke!.png

Join Me, Challenge Yourself, Be Good

This year's Giddy Up Challenge efforts will benefit charities that support the lands we all love.



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