Giddy Up Training

8-Week Training Program for Your Challenge

April 5 - May 28

Our customized eight-week training programs are created by Tim Cusick, my coach and the founder of BaseCamp. The training plans will prepare riders for any version of the Giddy Up Challenge and are set up for your training level and the number of days per week you can train. Most importantly, they will make sure you are ready to reach your Giddy Up goal.

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Train along with me!


The Giddy Up Challenge will be a test of both your climbing skills and tenacity, and being prepared correctly will help you achieve your goal. If you're a cyclist, I invite you to train along with me! 

Coach Tim has created several eight-week cycling training plans to prepare you (and me!) for this challenge. I will be following the training right along with you! The plans are set up to target your specific elevation goal (Full, Three-Quarter, Half, and Quarter Everest) and will fit around the number of days you can train each week.

In addition to being my coach, Tim is the founder and head coach of BaseCamp, a base training, strength, and nutrition program for cyclists and triathletes (you can learn more about BaseCamp here).

My training program is much more than just a plan to follow. Here is what you'll get when you sign up for the Giddy Up Training Program:

Customized Training Plan

When you sign up for the training program, we'll send you a link to the Giddy Up TrainingPeaks store, where you'll select the plan that matches your elevation choice and weekly training hours. A TrainingPeaks account is required, but if you don't already have one, you can open a free account here

  • Your training calendar in TrainingPeaks provides an 8-week overview, weekly summaries, and workouts emailed to you daily

  • The training program includes a taper at the end into your Everest event

  • Your daily workout schedules offer clear time and intensity targets, comments, and tips

  • The workouts are fully structured and can be executed using power or heart rate


Exclusive Invitation to our Science & Stoke Live Webinars

Join Coach Tim and me for three exclusive live webinars, where we'll share the secrets you need for success in the Giddy Up challenge. Here's how you'll benefit from these webinars:

  • Get insights into my planning and training

  • Receive training tips from Coach Tim

  • Get your questions answered by Tim and me at the end of the webinars


Giddy Up newsletters, blog, and other information

As part of our training program, you'll also have access to exclusive training tips and resources from experts on training, nutrition, mind, body, and more.

The Plans

We’ve created a package for you that includes  both your registration for the Giddy Up Challenge and the training program for only $95 (saving you $39!). Check out the plans below.

12-14 hours per week:  

     5 training days / 1 active recovery / 1 day off

10-12 hours per week:  

     5 training days / 2 active recovery


12-14 hours per week:  

     5 training days / 1 active recovery / 1 day off

10-12 hours per week:  

     5 training days / 1 active recovery / 1 day off


8-12 hours per week:  

     5 training days / 2 days off

6-8 hours per week:  

     4 training days /  3 days off


8-12 hours per week:  

     5 training days /  2 days off

6-8 hours per week:  

     3 training days / 3 days off


As we get closer to the challenge itself, Tim and I will host three “Science & Stoke” live webinars to help support and inspire you. Tim will be dropping the science, and I’m adding the stoke! Tune in to get some crucial training and performance tips, plus lots of virtual fist bumps and high fives! You got this! 

Click here to see our Science & Stoke webinar schedule and more details.