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Giddy Up Challenge Fundraising Spotlight!

Jess Taverna lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and will be doing the full Everest as her challenge! Go Jess! Jess participated in the 2020 Giddy Up Challenge for herself, she said she needed the challenge and an outlet for the “pent-up ‘20 angst” but this year she wanted her attempt to be more than herself. Her advice for other GUC participants: “Suck it up and put yourself out there! I'm not super comfortable asking friends and family for money, but more and more I appreciate that, just like Everesting, being an activist means being uncomfortable sometimes. If you are passionate about something, you deal with that discomfort. Be strategic in how and who you ask, and share your story and your WHY - your passion will resonate with people even if they don't necessarily share that specific cause or passion.” Jess has raised $750 of her $1,000 goal. Yeehaw Jess!

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