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Giddy Up 2020

Last year I launched a crazy idea to get my friends and fellow pro athletes to each run or ride the height of Mount Everest over Memorial Day Weekend, and to do that to raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts. Then this snowball effect happened. Suddenly more and more people were signing up, and I had new teammates from all around the globe joining to take part in the inaugural Giddy Up Challenge.

By the end of the weekend, 890 people would ride and run a combined 10,808,581 feet, and raise more than $130,000. We had people taking part from 43 different U.S. states and from countries as far away as Taiwan and New Zealand. Pro cyclist Katie Hall set a new Everesting world record (10 hours and 1 minute) out near Santa Cruz, and we had a host of other pros join in, too.

John Perenchio topped the fundraising leaderboard with $18,950.00, followed by Katie with $9,137.46 and Denise Edwards with $5,824.02. Our top fundraising teams were the Blonde Braided Monsters ($8,463.22), my own Be Good team ($2,055.00) and the SHAM Squad ($1,880.00).

That money was split between COVID-19 relief efforts run by the CDC Foundation, World Bicycle Relief and People for Bikes.

By the time I started my own ride, on Trail Creek Road near Ketchum, Idaho, I knew we’d already more than succeeded. When I should have been focusing on getting prepared, I was instead poring through the pictures and reports from elsewhere. By the time I finished, just after sunrise on Memorial Day, I knew for sure we just had to do this again!

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