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Giddy Up Pollinator Program!

Be part of MY team to make Giddy Up a local experience with world-wide impact!

What is the Pollinator Program?

The Giddy Up Challenge pollinator program Rebecca’s way to tap our dedicated, most enthusiastic Giddy Up fans and participants to help spread the word and activate YOUR community to climb and raise funds for the Be Good™ beneficiaries.

How to be a Pollinator Bee?

If you are ready to be a Pollinator Bee for the Giddy Up you only need to do a few things.

  • First….say YES & #GiddyUpForGood.

  • Apply through the online application linked below. Application for pollinators will close SATURDAY MAY 8TH

  • Next, reach out to friends, shop, media, and others in your area to get people to sign up, join your team, cheer on the participants, and increase our impact for the outdoor spaces and natural places we cherish through the CauseVox fundraising.

How WE support YOU?

By being a Pollinator Bee, you are part of the Rusch Team and we will put you on Rebecca’s social media channels bragging about the work you are doing, support you with prizes for events you plan, send you images and social media copy for your pages, and you’ll be listed on the website.

Parameters for Pollinators

What we ask you to do the following,

  • Promote the event and being a Pollinator Bee on your social media a minimum of three times using the hashtag #GiddyUpForGood

  • Get 10 friends and family to register for the challenge or make a donation to your fundraising page.

Ideas for Pollinators

This are just some ideas- use your creatively to come up with the best ways to get your community involved.

  • Create a contest for your friends to get others registered. We will send you prizes!

  • Have your local radio station do a story on your fundraising and climbing challenge. Remember the top fundraiser will be able to pick charity local to them for one of our donations.

  • Lay your legs on the line- have people donate money for every foot you climb. For every $500 you get donated, add on another 500 feet of climbing.

  • Ride with a group on your local trails to promote trail conservation.

  • Host a parking lot party at your local bike or run shop.

  • Create a week out training ride/run with a group so all Giddy Up participants can cheer each other on.

The Giddy Up Team will pick 10 people from applicants to be part of the FIRST EVER Pollinator Program. If you think you have the drive, engagement, and enthusiasm to engage your local community and help increase the fundraising stoke for the Giddy Up Challenge Be Good™ beneficiaries, apply below.

Pollinators will be picked on Monday, May 10th. Applications due by Saturday May 8th.

To apply, fill out the quick application linked below:

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