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Girls Moving Mountains Podcast: Breaking the Barrier with Rebecca Rusch, The Queen of Pain

“I can, I will, I won’t be denied”

This week we got to talk with Nikki Peterson and Jen Malik of NICA. We chatted about cycling, music, my background, mental toughness, Blood Road, NICA, the Giddy Up Challenge and more! Check it out!

“There's so many good causes out there right now, that instead of feeling like you have to solve every problem in the world, yourself, join forces with people that are already doing cool things. That’s what the Giddy Up Challenge is about! We’ll be donating the money that we raise to groups like the Conservation Alliance and Protect Our Winters, because they already have the infrastructure to do amazing things. You might feel like, oh, I'm just one person, I can't make a big impact, but collectively, we can.”

NICA Teams can sign up for the Giddy Up Challenge for free! Learn more and register here:

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