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How to Design Your Personal Everest Course

The Giddy Up Everest Challenge is...well, challenging. Designing a course that matches your abilities and fitness is key to success for this event, and it doesn't have to be difficult. We simply need to determine how to climb the most amount of feet in the least amount of distance for your specific ability and fitness.

Below are some guidelines for the ideal course for those targeting a top time, based on three different levels of fitness. Feel free to use these guidelines as a starting point as you plan your own course.

High Fitness

5-9% grade

Between .8 and 1.8 miles long

No major switchback (faster descent)

Medium Fitness

4-7% grade

Between 1.5 and 5 miles long

No major switchback (faster descent)

Low Fitness

3-6% grade

Between 1.5 and 5 miles long

No major switchback (faster descent)

It's a great idea to start with Strava and search your local climbs using the “Segment Explore” function in the “Explore” dropdown menu. Once you find a segment you think might work, copy and paste the URL of the segment into the lap calculator here, editing the speed and rest time as you wish. I recommend testing at least 3-5 different climbs (segments) to help determine which might be best for you.

Once you've decided on a course, be sure to test ride it as soon as possible. Don't wait till the last minute; the sooner the better!

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