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IG Live- Learn from the Pro's

I've tapped more of my circle of experts to help you with your training. These are the people I go to with my questions and lean on for their experience, education, and amazing motivation for my own training.

IG LIVE- Iceland Reunion!

I got the gang back together. Watch as the Iceland team talks about goal setting, why should we, why it matters, fun stories about hard things, commit to something hard and fundraise with purpose. Check it out on IGTV now.

IG LIVE with Kelly Starrett

Kelly and I talked about everything from preparing your body correctly for a run or bike, cadence drills, proper recovery, injury, and the WHY behind Giddy Up for both Kelly and me. If you missed it, Check it out on IGTV now.

IG LIVE with Hillary Allen and Stephanie Howe

On 5/5 at I talked with my friends and endurance experts Hillary Allen & Stephanie Howe. We discussed their racing, training, advice for any level of athlete, and how to manage life changes including having a baby and injury. If you missed it, check it out on IGTV now.

IG LIVE with Ted King

It was so much fun to chat with fellow gravel guru and hilarious guy, Ted King. We talked about how riding can be more than turning the cranks- it has the potential to be meditative, energizing, and impactful. Check it out on IGTV now.

IG LIVE with Dean Karnazes

In our first time to really talk, Dean and I found out how many things we have in common and how we both use the platform of endurance sports to make an impact worldwide. Learn how Dean isn't necessarily running OR riding the Giddy Up Challenge Full Everest.... he's almost doing both at the same time (hint: search ElliptiGo and Dean)! Check it out on IGTV now.

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