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Science & Stoke Article- Gear Knowledge

A key to a successful Giddy Up Challenge is the right gear. Check out the links below to dial in your gear for your training, pre, and challenge day!

You can also see all of Rebecca's gear on her "Gear I Love" page. From lights to wheels to watches and of course the Queen's Liv steeds, you can learn about and purchase the products she's put to the test on all of her adventures.


The Shrew seat bag is built for big day rides on any terrain: gravel, singletrack, road, snow, whatever. The Shrew carries spare clothing and gear for the long haul with ease. It packs a mighty 3L capacity and weighs just 4.5 ounces.

Mounting only to the saddle rails gives the Shrew maximum versatility and a near universal fit to any bike.

Learn more here!


Morning workouts aren't easy and getting in a little coffee before you head out can help start your morning right.

Check out this video from our the founder of MiiR, Bryan Pape on how to use their MiiR Pourigami to make a perfect morning cup of coffee anywhere.


Whichever challenge you pick, being prepared for a long day running or riding will include proper light selection. Rebecca's friends at Light & Motion have a great selection of lights for for endurance events cycling lights.

Learn more from Light & Motion here.


Learn more about Garmin's Edge lineup of great cycling computers with their experts.

Watch video here.

Be sure to check out the Science & Stoke webinar videos for more information on training and preparation for your Giddy Up Challenge.

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