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Science & Stoke Article: Mental Prep

All athletes know how important preparation is for a successful event. Preparation comes in many forms:

As we approach Giddy Up Challenge weekend on May 28th-31st, 2021, how much time have you spent on your mental preparation? Tackling a hard challenge that you've put some much training, planning, and preparation into requires a focus on the mental aspects of event day. Imagine things going right, understand that things may go wrong, learn from the bumps on the trails, and celebrate getting to the start line.

Rebecca's friend Hillary Allen talks about the importance of believe in herself to accomplish big things in the except she shared with us after Rebecca's IG Live with Hillary Allen and Stephanie Howe. Check out her guest post here and read an excerpt from her book, Out and Back: A Runner’s Story of Survival and Recovery Against All Odds.

Rebecca keeps her "Queen of Pain" tittle from years of mental training and preparation. Her advice to you is to believe in yourself.

Just believe in yourself! Whatever you’re taking on, you can do it. It’s so much stronger to believe that you can do something rather than you can’t. Use positive talk and tell yourself “you’ve got this, you can do it”, and tell it like you would tell it to a friend.

Check out these important articles and videos and post any of your mental preparation questions in the comments.

In this episode of the TrainRight Podcast, Rebecca talks about getting comfortable with discomfort, overcoming obstacles, dealing with the unknown, building confidence and trust in yourself as an athlete, and developing a personal mission statement.

Listen to the podcast here.


Learn how to deal with the pain cave with pro cyclist Rebecca Fahringer.

Watch video here.


Amazing advice from Rebecca on the importance of positive self talk.

Watch video here.


Be sure to check out the Science & Stoke webinar videos for more information on training and preparation for your Giddy Up Challenge.

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