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Science & Stoke Article: Training Knowledge

Rebecca and her team of experts have some great advice for you to make sure your training is dialed in for event day. Check out the resources below to add to your training knowledge.


Pull on your running shoes or get saddled up and listen to this hour long discussion on training with Rebecca's coach and founder of BaseCamp Training, Tim Cusick.

Adam Pulford of CTS interviews Coach Tim Cusick and dives into the four main training methodologies, discussing how you should decide which to use in your own endurance training.


Ultrarunner Jeff Browing has shared with us his great 15 min daily exercise routine that you can do with only a few pieces of equipment- a yoga mat, pushup bars if you have them, a power band and a tabata app.

Check out this great tabata workout here.


Settle in for some solid training advice from Liv pro cyclist Serena Bishop Gordon!

Get Serena's advice here.


Learn all about mobility training as Rebecca chats with her friend and mobility expert Dr. Kelly Starrett.

Watch the video here.

Be sure to check out the Science & Stoke webinar videos for more information on training and preparation for your Giddy Up Challenge.

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