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Science & Stoke Schedule

Science & Stoke is a comprehensive webinar all about training and performance tips to help you prepare, plan and execute your Giddy Up For Good Challenge - no matter which option you chose! Tim will be dropping the Science and I’m adding the Stoke!

Tim is an integral part of my team and has been helping me prepare for events like the Iditarod Trail Invitational, Giddy Up Challenge, and future events. He has a crazy science mind (he’s also the TrainingPeaks WKO product leader and owner of Velocious Endurance Coaching), is super credentialed and is known for combining a tailored, data-informed training approach with deep knowledge on everything from nutrition and race day strategies to recovery. And, he’s taken numerous athletes to win world championships, national championships, and many UCI podiums. In addition to me, he works with 3x World Champion Amber Neben, current British National Crit Champion Rebecca Durrell and road pro Emma Grant.

Mark your calendar for all of the Science & Stoke Sessions!

Science & Stoke #1: Getting Started and Maximizing Your Plan

Monday, April 5

Click here to watch the recording.

Coach Tim helps us get on board with the 8-week training plan.

Science & Stoke #2: Halfway to Giddy Up

Monday, May 3, 8pm

Coach Tim and Rebecca Rusch will help us stay on track with our training. can do it!

Click here to watch the recording.

Science & Stoke #3: Giddy Up Success

Monday, May 24, 8pm

Coach Tim and Rebecca Rusch will prepare us for the amazing Giddy Up Challenge event with a checklist to make it a personal best.

Click here to watch the recording.

Webinar recordings will be posted the day after they are recorded and be open to anyone to view.

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