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Thank You for Being Part of Our Global 2021 Giddy Up Challenge Team!

Check out what you did! Your individual commitment and effort contributed to a whole lot of global good this past weekend. I'm physically exhausted but emotionally energized by what we accomplished together. The amount of love, support, and power felt around the world was amazing.

The Giddy Up mission is focused on connecting people, celebrating places, and riding/running with purpose. Thank you for being part of our global 2021 Giddy Up Challenge team. You climbed to new heights at made an impact supporting our Be Good™ Foundation beneficiaries that protect the outdoor spaces and natural places we cherish.

Check out what we did together with our team of athletes from

37 US states and 12 countries:

  • Climbed 3,890,288 feet, the equivalent of 134 Mount Everests

  • Raised over $80,000 for land conservation and still counting

Read the full Thank You Newsletter and enter the survey contest by clicking on the image below-

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