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Welcome to Our Adventure!

Thank you for becoming my teammate through the Giddy Up Challenge! We have the opportunity to connect, train, learn, and challenge ourselves as a global community. I am so excited to share this adventure with you.

This is really comprehensive. WE are training- training together- for this incredible challenge in support of the charities close to all of our hearts and essential to preserving the lands we love.

This year we again have amazing partners. Sierra Nevada, SRAM, Maxxis, and Everesting are cheering you on and here to help you succeed.

I live by two words: Be Good. What that means to me is being good to self, being good to other people, being good to the environment, and being good to the world. Through the Giddy Up Challenge, we are coming together we are going to find our best human performance and we are also going to take our efforts and make a difference in this world.

So hold on, get ready- let’s challenge ourselves to Giddy Up!

Be Good,

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